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Croesor Mine


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club logo   Trevithick Society, The
Contact: Secretary Year formed: 1935
Address: PO Box 62, Camborne, Cornwall TR147ZN
Email: secretary [at]  Membership: 500+
Facebook: Not supplied  
  Surv      FldM      ARes      Publ      Lect   
Area of interest: Industrial history research,surveying, book publishing, lectures and field trips. The society covers mining and general industrial archaeology.
Main geographical areas:
Classes of membership: Individual £15. Family, Overseas and Corporate £18.
Student (under 18) £5.
Publications: Quarterly Newsletters and an Annual Journal.
Archive collection: By arrangement.
Artefact collection: See King Edward Mine
Owned or leased site 
or access controlled:
See King Edward Mine
Current projects: Development of King Edward Mine.
Publicity: Material available
Additional information: The Society traces its beginnings to 1935, when a group of individuals acquired for preservation a number of Cornish beam pumping and winding engines, which were about to be replaced or scrapped. This far sighted group formed the Cornish Engines Preservation Society and were in the vanguard of the preservation movement. In 1969 this society combined with the Cornish Water-wheel Preservation Society to create the Trevithick Society. The name was chosen in honour of Cornwall's greatest engineer, Richard Trevithick (1771 -1833), a key figure in the development of high pressure steam and its application for mining and transport use.

The Society has a regular programme of ectures, outings and other meetings. Together with the National Trust, the Society was responsible for the restoration to steam working of the Levant beam whim engine. The study of mining history and its remains does however form the main theme for the Society's interests and activities. Members interests embrace a wider spectrum of our industrial past, including all the trades that arose to service the mining industry; the foundries, the manufacture of explosives and safety fuse. Also studied is the development that took place in the design and production of machinery. Wider interests include trade, transport and social history.
Last updated: 30/10/2017

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