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Picture of Alderley Edge - Engine Vein


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club logo   Subterranea Britannica
Contact: Secretary Year formed: 1974
Email: secretary [at]  Membership: 1000+
Facebook: Not supplied  
  Undx      Surv      Arch      FldM      ARes      Publ      Lect   
Area of interest: All man-made and man-used underground spaces.
Main geographical areas:
 Scot   Ire   IOM   LL   NE   YH   PD   NWM   WM   DC   EMEA   SE   EU 
Classes of membership: Ordinary membership £19. Overseas £28.
Publications: 'Subterranea'.
Archive collection: Contact the Secretary
Additional information: Subterranea Britannica is a UK-based society for all those interested in man-made and man-used underground structures and space. Founded in 1974, the society (often known simply as Sub Brit) has grown to over a thousand members. Our interests cover all manner of underground sites, from Neolithic flint mines to nuclear bunkers. Many of these sites are documented on this website. Some can be easily visited, others require more specialist training or equipment; some, sadly, no longer exist.Sub Brit's activities include twice-yearly meetings with presentations from speakers and updates from members. Regular visits are held to underground sites both in the UK and overseas and a number of weekend trips are made which give the opportunity to study an area in more depth (pun intended!). A magazine named Subterranea is published three times a year with details of recent research and visits. Sub Brit's website, publications and many of our activities are accessible to the public in line with our objectives to benefit the public at large. Membership is available to anyone who wishes to support the aims of the society and get more involved. Current members include many who are world experts in their chosen field.The society is run by an annually elected committee and enjoys good relationships with other UK groups such as the Council for British Archaeology and English Heritage. In addition Sub Brit has strong links with similar organisations elsewhere in Europe. All trips and visits made by the society are done with the permission of site or land owners and follow appropriate safety guidelines.

Last updated: 07/11/2021

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