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Carrock - Tungsten Mine


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club logo   Russell Society, The
Contact: Secretary Year formed: 1972
Email:   Membership: 520
Facebook: Not supplied  
  Undx      FldM      ARes      Libr      Publ      Lect   
Area of interest: Topographical mineralogy
Main geographical areas:
 Scot   LL   NE   YH   PD   NWM   WM   DC   EMEA   SE 
Classes of membership: Ordinary £15. Family £20. Student/Junior £10.
Publications: Newsletter (twice yearly). Journal of the Russell Society (occasional).
Archive collection: Contact the Honorary Librarian via the Secretary.
Current projects: Cataloguing the Chatsworth Mineral Collection.
Publicity: Information leaflet and internet site.
Additional Information: The Russell Society is Britain's leading society specialising in topographical mineralogy. It is named after the eminent amateur mineralogist Sir Arthur Russell (1878-1964). The wide spectrum of membership ranges from beginners to professional mineralogists and geologists. Currently over 500 members are spread throughout the United Kingdom as well as overseas. The Society is organised into seven branches: Northern North West, Central, Wales and West, Southern, South East and South West.

The principal aims of the Society are the study, understanding, recording and conservation of minerals and mineralogical sites. The Society works closely with museums and other like-minded organisations in the pursuit of these aims. It encourages responsible collecting and exploration.

Each branch of the Society organises programmes of winter meetings inviting guest speakers and holds social events. There are excursions to sites of mineralogical and geological interest. Over forty winter meetings and fifty field meetings take place each year making the Russell Society programme the most extensive and varied of any comparable society in this country. Any member can attend any meeting.

Both formal symposia and informal discussion sessions are held and there is always a free exchange of ideas and knowledge between members. 'Hands-on' experience with mineral specimens is encouraged.
Last updated: 23/11/2017

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