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Picture of Derbyshire - Ball Eye Mine


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    Combe Martin Mines Society
Contact: Secretary Year formed: 2001
Email: cmsmsoc [at]  Membership: 50
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Area of interest: Mine research and preservation
Main geographical areas:
Classes of membership: Only one class of membership - £10 per annum
Publications: Society Newsletter -four times a year
Archive collection: None
Artefact collection: None
Sites owned, leased,
licensed or access controlled:
By private arrangement only
Current projects: Activities as above
Publicity: None (Newsletters)
Services: None

Knap Down engine house, Combe Martin. The engine installed here in 1843 was a Sims combined cylinder, 26"/50", used for pumping in the adjoining shaft. Over the last thirty years the ivy has really taken hold on the surviving stonework compare with the photograph in Atkinson, Exmoor's Industrial Archaeology, (1997), facing p. 96. Unlike other sites at Combe Martin, access is restricted ensuring survival of some features but limiting the options for conservation. P. Claughton

Last updated: 21/02/2022

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