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The following firms and organisations are NAMHO members, but are neither mining museums nor mining history societies. They do, however, have connections with mining history, through their work.

Some are Associations or Institutions in their own right, but with interests that are more general, and in which mining history represents only a part of a wider field. They find membership of NAMHO useful as it allows a free exchange of information.

These organisations are frequently involved in some aspects of mining in which they find it an advantage to turn to the mining historian for advice or information, either personally or through the result of written research The mining historian works in a branch of industrial archaeology which provides very practical benefits to the community at large. Mining activity in years gone by left problems behind it, not only underground, but also at the surface.

In many instances underground voids still exist and pose a threat to ground stability. The additional weight of new structures can cause the collapse of workings, and subsidence as a result of this is a common occurrence in many areas. Knowledge of the extent of such workings and physical exploration and survey, where this is possible, is a valuable contribution that the mining historian may be able to provide. This fact is recognised by many organisations involved in dealing with the problems attendant on subsidence, and they find that membership of NAMHO leads to many useful contacts.

Some disused mining structures are of historical value and mining historians can often provide the background information required when an assessment has to be made of a site for environmental, educational or architectural purposes. Similarly, mining historians may be able to contribute to the evaluation of present and future problems where mining has changed ground water regimes. These are but a few of the skills available from NAMHO members, who in many instances already have the relevant intimate knowledge of a particular mining area, that others are seeking to obtain.

The engine house on Marriot's Shaft, Bassett Mines, near Cam Brea, Cornwall was conserved as part of the Tramway Project, an environmental scheme to conserve structures, cap mine shafts, landscape tips and create a network of footpaths. Civil Engineering consultancies involved with similar schemes often join NAMHO as Affiliate Members to gain access to expertise with local mining knowledge and in return to allow for the retention of features in their proposals considered important by the NAMHO organisations.  

BCURABritish Coal Utilisation Research Association Ltd
CACoal Authority, The
EMCMHFEast Midlands Coal Mining Heritage Forum
GSGroundsure Ltd
HIHeritage of Industry Ltd
HEHistoric England National Monuments Record
IARIA Recordings
JGCJohn Goodchild Collection, The
RCAHMWRoyal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Wales
IMMMThe Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (North of England)

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