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hosted by Cleveland Mining Heritage Society

"Industrial Minerals"

NAMHO CONFERENCE 2022 - Industrial Minerals

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This page shows all items with a price against them. When you amend a booking, you will see the price of each item and the totals will be updated while you amend the details.  (If this does not happen, it is probable that your browser is set not to use "JavaScript".)

B01zTemporary BCA membership £3.5
C01aThursday Camping - Tent £8
C01bThursday Bunkhouse £13
C02aFriday Camping - Tent £8
C02bFriday Bunkhouse £13
C03aSaturday Camping - Tent £8
C03bSaturday Bunkhouse £13
C04aSunday Camping - Tent £8
C04bSunday Bunkhouse £13
 Delegate types
D01bFull event (Fri to Mon) Early bird price £25
D01cFull event (Fri to Mon) Normal price £30
D01dOne day (Saturday) Lectures only £15
D01eOne day (Sunday) Lectures only £15
D01iHalf day (Saturday AM) Lectures only £7.5
D01kHalf day (Saturday PM) Lectures only £7.5
D01lHalf day (Sunday AM) Lectures only £7.5
D01mHalf day (Sunday PM) Lectures only £7.5
 Meal options
F01bCod and Chips £10
F01cHaddock and Chips £10
F01dScampi and Chips £10
F01eSausage and Chips £7.5
F01fVegetarian Lasagne £10
F02bBreakfast (Camper/Bunk only) £7
F03bCold buffet at Lecture Hall £8.5
F03cVegetarian cold buffet at Lecture Hall £8.5
F03dPacked Lunch (Collect from Campsite or Lecture Hall) £6.5
F05bChicken Curry £15
F05cVegetarian Curry £15
F05vNon-Curry alternative £15
F07bBreakfast (Camper/Bunk only) £7
F08bCold buffet at Lecture Hall £8.5
F08cVegetarian cold buffet at Lecture Hall £8.5
F08dPacked Lunch (Collect from Campsite or Lecture Hall) £6.5
F10bBreakfast (Camper/Bunk only) £7
F11bBreakfast (Camper/Bunk only) £7
M05NAMHO 2022 tee shirt £15