Conference header imageNAMHO CONFERENCE 2021

SHROPSHIRE - hosted by the Shropshire Caving and Mining Club

"60 Years of Mining Projects"

NAMHO CONFERENCE 2021 - 60 Years of Mining Projects

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B01zTemporary BCA membership £3.5
 Delegate types
D01bFull event (Fri to Mon) Early bird price £25
D01cFull event (Fri to Mon) Normal price £30
D01dOne day only - lectures or trips £15
D01fOn-Line one day (Sat) Lectures only £5
D01gOn-Line one day (Sun) lectures only £5
D01hOn-Line two-days (Sat & Sun) lectures. £10
D01sSCMC/SMT Member Discount £15
 Meal options
M01NAMHO 2020 Conference token £12.50