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SHROPSHIRE - hosted by the Shropshire Caving and Mining Club

"60 Years of Mining Projects"

NAMHO CONFERENCE 2021 - 60 Years of Mining Projects

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Reference U16b 
Title of event Clive Mine - Upper Level 
Description Accessed via an 8m solid ladder with life-lining recommended. There is a narrow ledge around a deep shaft - all participants must wear a sit-harness and have cows tails. Part day trip. 
Location of event  
Distance from main venue  
NGR of nearest road  
Date of event 04/07/2021 
Start time of event (e.g. 1100) 14:30 
End time (e.g. 1530) 17:00 
Suggested kit Helmet, light, boots, harness and cows-tails 
If a trip: surface or underground Underground 
If a trip, severity: easy, moderate, difficult, sporting or self-led Moderate 
Is event bookable? YES 
Special conditions None 
Price (if chargeable) £0.00 
Places provided
Places available now

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