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SHROPSHIRE - hosted by the Shropshire Caving and Mining Club

"60 Years of Mining Projects"

NAMHO CONFERENCE 2021 - 60 Years of Mining Projects

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Reference U02c 
Title of event Snailbeach mine - 40 Yard Level - SRT  
Description The SRT route is quite separate from the winch access and there are no exceptionally long pitches, but all participants need to have full SRT kit and be familiar with passing deviations and rebelays. Delegates will be met by trip leader at the parking location. 
Location of event  
Distance from main venue  
NGR of nearest road  
Date of event 04/07/2021 
Start time of event (e.g. 1100) 10:00 
End time (e.g. 1530) 14:00 
Suggested kit Helmet, light, harness, cows-tails 
If a trip: surface or underground Underground 
If a trip, severity: easy, moderate, difficult, sporting or self-led Difficult 
Is event bookable? YES 
Special conditions None 
Price (if chargeable) £0.00 
Places provided
Places available now

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