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SHROPSHIRE - hosted by the Shropshire Caving and Mining Club

"60 Years of Mining Projects"

NAMHO CONFERENCE 2021 - 60 Years of Mining Projects

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Please complete the details on this page.  You will be given a booking number to use with your surname - you will need it if you want to change any details of your booking.  After creating a booking, you will be able to add further details such as selection of meals, trips, and so on.  Partners and guests need to book if they want to join in the social events.

Booking by post

We can take bookings by post and the booking form can be downloaded here.   However, it is easier for all if you can book on-line.

On-line booking

Mandatory fields for delegates are marked *.  You can leave us a message in the green box. Make a note of your reference number that appears on the next screen and remember that the number and your surname identify your booking uniquely if you need to make any changes later.

If you are bringing a partner who is not a delegate and is not going on trips but might want to join in meals or accommodation, then they need to be booked as a "partner".  Partners need to complete their name and the booking number and name of the person they accompany whose email address etc. will be used for the partner as well.  Partners cannot book any trips.. 

When you create your booking, you can enter a password.  This defaults to your surname but by changing it, you will increase the security of your personal data that we hold.  The password is case-sensitive.  Your password is required when you want to change or view your booking.


Reference new booking
First name or title/initials *  
Surname *  
Password (minimum 6 characters  
Name for badge (if not first name + surname)  
If this is a booking for a partner, please enter the primary delegate's booking number and surname here. No detail is required below
Primary delegate's booking number and surname
Address *  
Post code *  
Email address (or enter: none) *  
Telephone day/eve  
Mobile number  
BCA Membership number If you do not have 2021 BCA membership and you wish to go on any of the underground field trips then you must request temporary cover below. There is a limit of 10 temporary memberships; if the option does not appear, you will have to have your own BCA membership.  
BCA membership (with insurance) for underground trips

The early bird options are available until 31st May 2021.
Delegate options  
Note to organisers (please use this box to notify us of any specific requirements or questions).  

Remember to click the 'Save details' button when you have completed the detail above.

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