Please provide your surname and click the button to create a new booking.  You will be given a booking number to use with your surname - you will need it if you want to change any details of your booking.  After creating a booking, you will be given a screen to enter your details and requirements.  Partners and guests need to book if they want to join in the Saturday evening meal so that we can get meal choices in advance.

Delegate Bookings

If this booking is for a delegate please enter your surname here and click the button below to continue.

Partner & Guest Bookings

If this is a booking for a partner or guest and not a delegate please put the partner/guest's surname above and enter the main delegate's number
and surname here and click the button below to continue.

Partners are welcome at the evening meals and other selected events.

This screen reserves a place for your booking but does not set up any detail. It is essential that you complete the detail within a few days. Any incomplete bookings (i.e. name only) will be deleted within seven days of creation.

Booking by post

We can take bookings by post and the booking form can be downloaded HERE.   However, it is easier for all if you can book on-line.

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Page updated: 01/04/2019 & 20/01/2019