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Amongst the objectives of NAMHO is the intention to "procure to be written and print, publish, issue and circulate ... reports or periodicals, books, pamphlets, leaflets or other documents and audio-visual aids" in support of the Association's main aims.  This website does not aim to be a primary source of such information (apart from the Research Framework, Bibliography and Library linked here), but can be used as a pointer to other resources available.  Member organisations are invited to provide links to any useful sources of data that they control.

As a start, researchers may be interested in referring to the British Cave Research Association (BCRA) website which has links to a number of sources.  Other particularly useful sources are Peak District Mines Historical Society (PDMHS), especially their section on Resources, and the Northern Mines Research Society (NMRS) which has a section on information about mines in general.  The NMRS site also contains a database compiled from the records of Alasdair (Ali) Neill, an avid mine and cave explorer and recorder who died in 2016.

In future, we plan to add further links to other resources within this section of the website.  Any organisations or individuals looking for somewhere to publish their data are welcome to contact the webmaster@namho to have their information included.

Specific resources

Ivor Brown Photographic Collection

This collection was donated by Mrs Iris Brown to The Friends of the Dragline following Ivor’s death in April 2017. Most items are 6 inch by 4 inch photographs; also included are some postcards, some photocopies of press cuttings, some artists b/w sketches, and a few brief hand-written notes. Most photos are by Ivor Brown; however others have contributed their photos, some explicitly stating they are for The Friends’ archive.  The list of items in the collection can be read in the NAMHO library.

NAMHO Bibliography

This bibliography has being compiled from a database collected by David Williams with items added from his collection by Nigel Dibben.  The bibliography currently contains over 9000 items.  The bibliography can be searched and viewed.

Research Framework for England

NAMHO has been involved with a project which will benefit mining history and help with the making of decisions about future archaeological research and the heritage of mining landscapes in England. The Research Framework was commissioned by, and jointly funded with, Historic England which enabled NAMHO groups and individual members to contribute towards and help influence research priorities.  The framework is covered in a separate page about research where the content is described and copies can be downloaded. 

Links to useful sources

On-line video resources

There are plenty of mining videos on Youtube. Below is a selection available on 1/3/2021; there is no guarantee that they will still be on-line.