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We were formed in 1979 to act as the national body for mining history in the United Kingdom. There are now over 70 member organisations, including societies, museums, firms, etc. and membership now extends to Ireland. On this site, you will find out more about NAMHO, its aims, its members and its contribution to the mining heritage.

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Mar 18, 2014, 12:59

The AGM was held on 15th March. Additional time was allowed for useful discussion of future conferences and other topics. The only change in the committee is that Peter Jackson has taken over the role of Secretary from Nigel Dibben.

Stainless Steel Anchors Underground

Oct 11, 2013, 16:39

In response to reports of failures of fixed anchors used for rock climbing, especially on sea cliffs, the Britsh Caving Association have published notes (http://british-caving.org.uk/equipment/CSCC%20v2%20130909.docx) on a report by the British Stain ...

NAMHO 2014 - Call for papers

Sep 09, 2013, 09:29

NAMHO Conference 2014 Bangor, Gwynedd, 25-27 July 2014 Mining Technology: technical innovation in the extractive industries A two-day programme of lectures examining some of the technologies involved in winning material from the ground, plus surfa ...

New Bulk Minerals research assessment

Aug 28, 2013, 15:44

A new version of the 81-page assessment is now available on the Research page on this website.

Nenthead Bunk House reopened

Aug 13, 2013, 16:16

In order to raise funds for conservation work Nenthead Mines Conservation Society has reopened the Assay House Bunkhouse on the Nenthead mine site to BCA members and their guests. The bunk house sleeps 12 people in 2 rooms, it has central heating and ...

Research Framework - Phase 2

The Research Framework is reaching the final part of the first two phases and Phase 2 will culminate in a one day conference.  This had been planned for May 2013 but pressure of work means that it has been postponed - check 'news' item for further information.

You are encouraged to read through the various Resource Assessments before they are finalised and published.

Comments please to Peter Claughton or Phil Newman

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A Research Framework for the Archaeology of the Extractive Industries in England

A two year project assessing current knowledge and planning for future research which needs your help

  • Do you have an interest in mining and quarrying - metals, coal or stone
  • Can you tell us what archaeological investigation has been carried out on mines and quarries in your area
  • Discuss your ideas on what needs to be done to advance our knowledge of mining and quarrying

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