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Ecton - Clayton Level
Williams Engine House, Avoca Mine

NAMHO conference 2016

The 2016 conference of NAMHO was held in the Republic of Ireland.  The host organisation was the Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland (MHTI).

74 people took part in the 38th NAMHO Conference which was based at Dublin City University. 11 lectures covered the theme "Mining and social change". There were visits to working mines (gold, gypsum, salt and zinc-lead) and to abandoned mines in north-west and south-east Ireland (barite, coal, copper, lead, sandstone, steatite, zinc).
The conference was hosted by the Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland, who are grateful to everyone that helped organise or otherwise supported it, including:
Boliden Tara Mines,
Conroy Gold and Natural Resources,
Dalradian Resources,
DCENR Exploration and Mining Division,
Galantas Gold Corporation,
Geological Survey of Ireland,
Geological Survey of Northern Ireland,
Gyproc Ireland,
Harrington Concrete & Quarries,
Irish Salt Mining & Exploration Company,
SLR Consulting Ireland,
and private land and mineral owners.

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